So then, what is Machine Learning used for?

Updated: Mar 19

Great question!

The answer: Almost everything!! 🙌

From Agriculture to Economics to Bioinformatics to Advertising to DNA Classification to Social Media and Netflix...

The title says, "What is Machine Learning used for?". The center of the image is an illustrated computer accepting algorithms. There are arrows pointing in all directions from the computer to blue bubbles. Each blue bubbles has an application (or usage) of Machine Learning. They are: Control and Delete Social Media Cyber Bullying, DNA Sequence Classification, Internet Search Engines, Credit Card Fraud Detection, Art history influence analysis, Netflix suggestions, Robot Locomotion, Speech Recognition, Online Advertising, Financial Market Analysis and Financial Crisis Predictions, and Medical Diagnosis.

Machine Learning is EVERYWHERE and it's great! We benefit from ML everyday! From the mundane to the extraordinary, ML positively affects our lives across the board. Can you even imagine life without Machine Learning?

While we're here, and now that you understand the prevalence and importance of this technology, we want to give a big shoutout to all you excellent ML and AI scientists out there!

👏👏 Thank you for all you do!

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